Tuesday, February 1, 2011

She Told Me : Earn Adsense Revenue for Promoting Your Blog

She Told Me is basically a social bookmarking site similar to Digg or Stumbleupon with the basic difference that it allows its users to earn Adsense revenue from their social bookmarks or scoops. Here is a look at this interesting social bookmarking service:

Sign Up Process at She Told Me
In my experience, She Told Me is the only social bookmarking site which has a manual review system before an application is accepted. This along with the one-woman She Told Me team makes signing up for the site a rather slow process but nonetheless effective against spammers. Basically you have to fill up their application form (most fields except your E-mail ID and reason for joining She Told Me are optional) and then they will run some sort of a check (don't ask me!) and if they think your application is legit then they will approve your account. Usually this process takes 4-6 days time but may get inadvertently delayed. Here is a quote from their welcome E-mail to help you understand the situation better:
Please note that reviewing applications takes time and I'm the only one doing this job, so if you find that 1 or 2 weeks have passed since you registered and you've heard no news from me, you should contact me, it could mean:

- your application has been rejected (no notification when your application is rejected, if you're not a spammer it's an error, so please apply again and contact me afterwards)
- I really have too much work on my plate at the moment (you can ask me for a quick approval, if I have time at this moment I'll do it)
- I'm on vacation (there's not much we can do about that)

But please do wait at least one week before enquiring about your application, don't add to my workload :-)
Screen Shot of a Shetoldme scoop

Revenue Sharing at She Told Me 
She Told Me offers you 100% Adsense revenue earned from your scoops. Sounds too good to be true? Actually it is! What She Told Me actually does is put a small Adsense ad on top of your scoop and you earn revenue from that only. So, personally I feel it is quite unlikely that you will ever earn anything substantial from She Told Me. However, She Told Me is pretty good at generating traffic site and that is after all the main criterion for a good social networking site.

  1. She Told Me is most closely resembles Xomba bookmarks (i.e. you must  write a short 200-500 character description to your shares) with the obvious difference that scoops (on She Told Me) offer Adsense revenue share while Xomba bookmarks does not.
  2. Before you start posting on She Told Me you better read their content policies as the list is rather long (and you don't want to get banned from such a great site!)

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