Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boddunan :Online Earning Opportunity for Freelance Indian Writers is a new content based website which pays its author upfront for articles. Though, still quite young, Boddunan is creating quite a lot of noise, with a wave of freelance writers (mostly Indians) flocking to it. Very intelligently Boddunan is taking full advantage of Associated Content and Helium’s decision to ban Asian authors. Here is a look at the site:
Content Accepted by Boddunan
Boddunan accepts content in almost all legal niches and the editorial system is pretty standard, meaning most articles are reasonably well written and provides value to the site. Watch out for Boddunan’s science channels, they are simply great as a Wiki Answers alternative. They are also a great place to finally make those long dull high school classes pay their due and make you some money.
Apart from English, Boddunan also accepts texts in Telegu and Hindi, though they are earning potential is obviously much less.
Facts about Boddunan Freelance Writer Compensation Plan
There are four ways of making money from Boddunan :
  • Each article or review is entitled to receive an upfront payment of upto Rs.200. Maximum cash bonus for Reviews is Rs. 50.
  • Boddunan has a Revenue Sharing Program whereby it distributes 25% of its total revenue amongst a few of its most active members and this can some times amount to a sizable sum.
  • Referrals can earn you as much as Rs. 250 depending of the activity of the referred member.
  • You can also earn through Boddunan’s various competitions like  Best Forum Supporter of the Week, Creative Poll of the Week, Daily Contests, Group Discussion Contests.
Truth about Boddunan Freelance Writer Compensation Plan
  • The cash credits usually given out to average articles is very low, seldom crossing the Rs. 20 mark.
  • The threshold pay out is very high at Rs. 1500. However, if you meet their quality standards and participate regularly then it may be reduced to Rs.750.
  • Rs. 50 is deducted during processing of your monthly payment–an almost unheard of practice in the amateur freelance circuit. (this is usually restricted to pro sites like Elance, PeoplePerHour etc.)
My Thoughts on Boddunan
Though quite tight pocketed, Boddunan is created on a very sound platform and is growing every day, having reached Google PR3 within a matter of months. But three things about Boddunan are for sure: it is 100% legit, 100% open (even publicly tells you exactly what it paid the author for each article) and it definitely won’t go down without a fight.

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