Friday, February 11, 2011

Niner Niner Collaborative Blogs : Review

Like Associated Content, Bukisa and Triond, Niner Niner Collaborative Blogs is a paid to write service. Niner Niner has been around for quite sometime but has never gained a lot of popularity and in all honesty I cannot envision them becoming a raving success anytime soon. But still, I think it really deserves to be reviewed. So here goes:
  • Basic Set Up of Niner Niner Collaborative Blogs
Like Triond and Demand Studios, Niner Niner uses a number of collaborative blogs based on the WordPress platform on which members can publish their articles. However, Niner Niner allows the users to choose in which blog they want to contribute their article and often has multiple blogs for the same niche.
  • Articles Accepted by Niner Niner Collaborative Blogs
Niner Niner requires your articles to be exclusive and over 200 words. They claim to have an editorial process, but a look at any of their blogs should be enough to convince anyone that it is probably lax to the point of being non existent. Simply put, Niner Niner attaches more important to quality than quantity. Compared to most other content sharing sites, Niner Niner is slightly limited in its blog categories and focuses mainly on finance, love and marriage and recipes. Visit their site for a complete list.
  • Niner Niner Payment Structure
Niner Niner’s author compensation scheme is radically different from most other content sharing websites because:
  1. It is the only content writing site I know which offers a $5 sign up bonus!
  2. Instead of passive revenue sharing, Niner Niner pays upfront for your content. Depending on which blog you publish your article they will pay you $.10 to $.50.
The threshold payout is a rather high $25, as compared to Triond’s $.50
My Thoughts on Niner Niner Collaborative Blogs
If you are into 5 minutes writing or lack the skill to write full length articles then you can certainly give Niner Niner a try. It is specially favorable for those who are not adept at getting page views, because of their upfront payments.
On the downside, Niner Niner claims permanent exclusive rights to your articles and the money their paying is quite shabby in comparison to others who impose this criterion.

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