Saturday, January 4, 2014

Great Free Glamour and Gossip News apps

I am posting on this blogger after quite some time because I was
busy playing around with my new Samsung Note 510. The one reason I bought a 8" tablet rather than a much more handy smart phone is because I wanted it  to double up as a reader. In particular I wanted to use it for keeping me up to date with e-versions of newspapers and magazines. Here are few gossip and glamour apps which I enjoyed the most and the best part is they are free. What's more they are all associated with very reputed magazines like Film fare, Vogue and Maxim.

Free Filmfare App
Filmfare has been the definitive magazine for all things bollywood for many years and my favorite magazine in the genre. So I was delighted to find that they have such a great free app with lots of content. Content is not just limited to text either. In addition to articles and interviews video feeds are also available and there quite a few topics that choose from at any given time. All in all a great free alternative to the actual hardcopy.

This is another one of my favorite free apps and predictably gives free access to the archives of the famous men's magazine Maxim. At first viewing this app may seem messy and unprofessional but after tinkering with it for a while you will realize its full potential and the amount of access it is providing you into the glamorous world of Maxim. One complaint is that the organization isn't great despite the clearly labelled Girls, Vices and tabs at the bottom of your screen and you will probably find more things by sheer chance. The ads can also get a bit annoying times as they kind of stick out like a sore thumb. But another great plus is behind the scenes and photo shoot videos that are available.

The final app I am going to discuss is the free app of the iconic fashion magazine Vogue. This is not as good as the others and mostly contains tidbits. Also the number of articles available are very limited. But looks like this is the best you are going to get out Vogue for free.
In this article I have discussed some of the best dedicated free apps of famous glamour and Gossip magazines.  In subsequent articles I plan to discuss apps which combines feeds from a number of sources for your reading and viewing pleasure. So check back for more suggestions.

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