Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free and Easy Folder Encryption Software

Just thought I'd tell you about a free, easy and portable folder encryption software that I have been using for quite a few years now and am pretty satisfied with. It is called 1 Second  Folder Encryption and it really does not take much more than just a single second. And the best part is it is absolutely free!

It simply encrypts any folder on your system so that they cannot be viewed unless they are decrypted by the user. It is as simple  as downloading and installing the set up files and spending a couple of minutes getting familiar with the minimal and intuitive user interface.

Being a freeware however, it does have plenty of limitations:

  1. It only allows a single user, that is, there is only one master password to encrypt or decrypt all the folders on your system.
  2. The encrypted folders are neither hidden nor shredded, they are simply "locked" so that if someone tries to open he will simply get a system error message
  3. The interface though intuitive could have been made somewhat more efficient and user friendly.
  4. Last and most importantly the distributor refuses to take any responsibility in case of failure.
Overall, 1 Second Folder Encryption is ideally suited for those photos and videos and documents you'd rather other members of your family or friends not see, but trusting it with anything more sensitive may not be such a good idea.  

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