Sunday, July 1, 2012

Free Flash Games at Stick Sports : Review

Of all the hundreds if not thousands of free online gaming websites is probably my favorite. As of present it offers the following five games and several variations/dervatives.
In order of preference (preference is of course subjective) they are:

1. Stick Tennis
This is my absolute favorite online game. It has probably got the best graphics of all the games in the Stickfranchise and as far as the game play is concerned it is in league with any of those EA sports games that you spent good money to buy. With all five grand slam scenarios (Wimbledon, US Open, Oz Open and Roland Garros) along with separate graphics (grass, clay or synthetic) for each of them and accurate players’ skill levels (Federer moves faster than Rodick but Rodick’s surf is faster than Roger’s) ensures that Stick Tennis stays head and shoulders above the competition, at least for the time being.
Further the game is sufficiently challenging so that you have to work for your wins and that makes Stick Tennis an even better game.

2.Stick Cricket
Up next is Stick Cricket–the very first game in the Sticksports family. With a descent game play and tolerable graphics this is also a damn good freebie. Like Stick Tennis this is also a very fast game and usually each match lasts no more than 10 minutes. However, if you’re very busy and can’t possibly spare 10 mins. there’s no need to despair–try the T2 mode, it hardly takes a couple of mins  to complete a T2 match.

3.Stick Football
Sorry football lovers but this game is know where near as good as the two mentioned above. For one thing the graphic is absolutely pathetic (I can’t remember the last time I played a game where the characters glidedinstead of walked)
On top of that this game is so easy that you get tired of scoring goals even before the first half is over! A real disappointed!

4.Stick Baseball
The gameplay is very similar to Stick Cricket but can't really say much more as baseball is really not my sport

5.Stick Racing
The latest addition to the Stick Sports family is Stick Racing. However, this game is also very disapointing and rather boring with stupid graphics and a pathetic gameplay.

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