Sunday, July 17, 2011

Increase Page Time with Apture

OK,  so you have now got a blog with a decent number pageviews every month. Now, the next important thing you want to ensure is that your readers are actually reading the stuff you have spent so much time writing for them and are staying on your site for appreciable periods of time(like may be a couple of minutes!)

In other words, now that you have gained quantity, it is time to measure the actually quality of your site traffic. And are you managing to hold on to your visitors and make sure that they read through the post and click your ads and affiliate links? A person leaving your site within just a few seconds will usually mean one of four things:

  1. You are targeting the wrong keywords and your domain name is irrelevant to your site content.
  2. There is something inherently wrong with your landing page (design, content etc) that is repulsive to your visitor.
  3. Your page is so clear cut that the visitor has found what he was looking for very quickly and has left.
  4. The visitor found something interesting in the top half of your article and has gone off to Google it.
While, the only way to solve the first 2 issues is to put more thought into your site, situation 3 may be a good thing and there is a high possibility the reader will keep visiting your site in the future or even start spreading the word about how good the site is. However, situation 4 was, until recently, the most difficult to solve.

But now that a program named Apture has solved the problem you just have to marvel at the simplicity of the solution.

What is Apture ?
Apture is a service that allows visitors to read stuff relevant to your content without ever leaving your site. All your reader has to do is highlight a piece of text on your article and then Apture will search through trusted sites like Wikipedia, search engines like Bing and even your own domain to pull out relevant excerpts, photos and videos, thus providing a ready reference for your readers so that he never has to leave your site to fill in the   gaps of your content.

Apture can also sense if some words are generating more responses from your audience and then those become Hotspots, i.e.the Apture info box opens on mouse over.

Another, interesting feature on Apture is that it does not work on anchor texts so you may rest assures that your page links won't get messed up.

Additional Features of Apture
In addition to this enhanced value-added service Apture also offers the following services:

  • You can use Apture to show Amazon ads and earn commissions through your Amazon Associate account when a purchase is completed.
  • You can specify domain names (in addition to Wikipedia, Amazon etc.) from Apture draws relevant content.
  • You can enable the trendy Apture side bar.

See Apture at Work
You can see Apture at work right here on this page. Simply select a piece of text and then click the Apture logo!

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